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Lothian Electric Machines

Lemac are one of the world leaders in electric motor manufacturing with more than 60 years’ experience.

Here at Lothian Electric Machines, we have been manufacturing electrical motors since 1958 and powering products worldwide from our 160,000 Sq Ft Haddington Factory.

The last few years have seen significant investment in CNC equipment and skills to further develop our position as a top UK based manufacturer of electric motor-based products and EV charger systems.

Supplying solutions in an enormous array of applications, our motors are essential to powering products throughout the world, all with the common elements of reliability and performance.

Pioneering Commitment and Green Credentials

Vital to industrial, commercial and residential applications, Lemac have always been driven by the ability to be flexible, adaptable and precise; focus which has made Lemac the first choice for many companies worldwide. Whatever the requirement, Lemac's commitment to the customer remains the same at every level, be it design, development or manufacture; a commitment to making any product better.

Lemac plays a major part in the local Scottish economy, employing more than 200 people, and is a major promoter of global recycling; promoting and incorporating a true circular economy model in all component and final production, at all stages of the product life cycle; starting from initial concept and design.

We were one of the very early adopters of the Environmental accreditation scheme having our ISO14001 since 2004!

To date we have saved the planet through our circular economy approach some 200 tonnes of Co2.. And counting.

Lemac EV 7kw home chargers Lemac EV 7kw home chargers

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